We specialize in Customer Journey Mapping and AnalyticsImprove your campaign's performance by using agile voice of customer tools and dynamic creative optimization. 
Customer Experience (CX) tools for businesses 
Improve Customer Acquisition and Satisfaction Through The Power of Personalized Content
Voice of customer
Our Research Tools Will Find Answers, Increase Your Traffic & Multiply Your Sales
There is no better feeling in business than launching a product that is exactly what your customers were looking for.  The right clients are those that appreciate your work AND are profitable.
If you earn the love of your customers and they will make you a part of their lives.
The score that captures how well you maintain a direct line of communication with your customers.
Request Now And Get Key CX and Innovation Insights.
  Engagement Data Segmented by Topics/Interests/Trends
  Real-Time Highest-Converting Content Formats Across the Web
  A.I. Powered Customer Segmentation and Personalization
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Key Metrics: 

- LifeTime Value (LTV)
- Customer Satisfaction (CS)
- aProfitability
Meet Laura,
a Founder / CEO
These are some of her requirements:
  • I need my launch to be a success!
  • We need to make sure the campaigns convert.
  • Customer satisfaction is an integral part of our company. 
  • I want the best clients so we can grow together. 
Meet Nick,
a CMO, running a team plus agency
These are some of his requirements:
  • ​We want to consistently learn from our customers to improve our performance. 
  • There are exciting new niches out there that are interesting to us.
Why invest in a Holistic Customer Experience Strategy?
4 Key Success Factors
- Capitalize on an intelligent customer experience system.
- Become an innovation-driven organization.
- Become a household name in your category.
- Become a leader in your category.
We make it easy for you

Step 1


  • Complete business profile
  • Industry and category intelligence
  • ​Value proposition
  • Competitive benchmark

Step 2

Collect Data

  • Privacy and safety protocols
  • ​Connect your external data (social listening)
  • ​Safely upload internal data (contact list)

Step 3


  • Omni-Channel Dashboard
  • Q.I. Score (Engagement and Conversion)
  • ​HeatMap Analytics
  • Content Templates

... and then


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"CX is crucial in FinTech.  CX is crucial for everything.  QI has helped us understand our customer and engage with them since before our launch."
Austrian School of Krypto Economics
"QI has helped us produce more quality content.  Our community is more engaged and we are seeing an increase in sales"
Ladybug Potions
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