AI- Powered content intelligence and personalization platform.
Marketers Need:  Content and Customer Data
  • Learn customers’ interests and passions
  • Personalized customer experience
  • Convert leads into clients
Content intelligence Bridges These Gaps
  • Multiply content output and customer engagement.
  • Automate an internal customer insight system.
  • Create segments and send personalized information to customer base

Why Now? Timing Is Ideal

  • Distrust of centralized platforms (Facebook, TikTok, etc.)
  • AI enables greater customer intelligence
  • Web3 and the resurgence of communities

Our suite of products will allow you to search for top content and trends, create your own content, and then optimize within your community to develop a personalized relationship with every one of them. 

Collect Omni-Channel Data
Connect to our library of APIs

Real-Time Competitor Analysis
Automated Benchmarking Tool
Get Instant Insights from Top Performing Accounts
Highly Engaging Topics and Formats
Increase the Value of your Customer List
Direct Contact Solutions
Intelligent Content Engine
Dynamic, High-Converting Content Templates
Custormer Journey customization.
Touch Point Templates
Develop a Web3 Community
Decentralized Apps to convert your followers into partners
Save Time! ...and design your Customer's Journey with ready-to-use, customizable algorithms.

Create highly-engaging content based on your database's QI score.
Managed and personalized content solution 100% for you and your clients. We produce fresh quality content.
“ The importance of content intelligence is that it provides the building blocks on which we can build personalized, quality content.

Content intelligence is the ability to extract and present contextually relevant content in real-time. ”

JD (co-founder Q.I) + A.I. (2022)
Data-Driven Content Personalization
Know your customer, drive your results!
Why Q.I.?

QI Score

Consumer Profiling Score based on engagement, consumer psychology categories, behavior economics and interests.

Iterative A/B Content Evaluation

Our tag and scoring system will let you understand better each customer.

Save Time

Automatic personalized content creation dynamic templates.


Do not miss out on any trend. Our trend-watching system will keep you inspired.


See the highest converting content in your category

Research thousands of sources in just a few clicks

Personalize your customer's experience through tag management and machine learning

Get Touch Point Templates and Content Recommendations


Your Own Trendwatching Dashboard

Collect information in real time 24/7 from the most strategic sources.


  • RSS Feed: More than 15,000 blogs.
  • ​Social Media: Audience Insights
  • Email Programing: Know who reads and interacts with your content.

Content Creation

  • Automatic dynamic content creation: Dynamic content templates will save you and your team lots of time.


  • A/B Testing: Through dynamic content iterations and association algorithms we will recommend the proper content for your audience.
StartING AT:
Billed monthly, no set up fee.
  • Content  Diagnosis
  • Trendwatching Platform
  • Qualitative Intelligence Tools
  • Point of Contact Personalization

We evaluate engagement and data points and use them to generate personalized content. .

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